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The historic attractions in Galena are plentiful, starting right here with our historic Bed and Breakfast which was originally built to house the county jail of Jo Daviess County in1879.  The heart of downtown Galena and its many historic buildings, museums, and attractions are just a short walk away. The town is filled with a variety of beautifully preserved buildings that date back to the 1800’s. The learn more about Galena and its rich history, we recommend starting your journey at the Galena and U.S. Grant Historical Museum. 

At the museum, you’ll learn about about Galena’s days as a lead-mining town and steamboat hub; a period of time when it was actually bigger than Chicago. It was during these robust economic times that President U.S. Grant moved to Galena with his family. Grant’s home, along with many other homes of famed Galena residents, are still intact and serve as important reminders of Galena’s past. We hope you enjoy learning more about this incredible little town and all who have called it home. 

Map of Historical items in and around Galena Illinois

Over the years, Galena has grown as a popular getaway destination for those living in the greater Chicago area and beyond. Galena is actually the 2nd most visited city in the state of Illinois, thanks to the incredible beauty of the area, not to mention the many great things to do in Galena, Illinois.. Jo Daviess County is also home to some Illinois’ top award-winning wineries and vineyards, and thus has become a popular getaway destination for wine lovers. 

There are actually six unique wineries in the Galena area, and two tour companies which offer unique and exciting ways to visit and taste their incredible varietals. With the addition of great wine events throughout the year, such as Corkless in Galena and the annual Nouveau Weekend put on by Galena Cellars, Galena has truly become an extraordinary wine-lovers getaway destination in the midwest.

It doesn’t stop at wine, though.  Galena is also home to Blaum Bros. Distilling, the Galena Brewing Company, and a number of great bars. You’re never far away from a great drink and a fun afternoon when you stay at Jail Hill Inn.

Map of Wineries, Brewery, Distilleries and Wine Tasting in Galena

Galena has a lot of things going for it, including its unique geography, scenic beauty, and its historic small-town charm. Moreover, it’s close to big cities like Chicago, and therefore an easy getaway for busy people. Despite these great qualities, one of our favorite things about Galena are the restaurants. There’s definitely no need to sacrifice high quality dinners when you visit this quaint riverside town!

After a day spent shopping, hiking, biking, kayaking, wine tasting, hot air ballooning, and generally just enjoying the atmosphere of Galena, you’ll be ready to refuel and reflect upon your day. Galena’s restaurants won’t disappoint!  Galena has a delicious and surprising array of restaurants, ranging from casual and quick to elegant fine dining, all within a short walk of Jail Hill Inn.

Map of Galena Area Restuarnts

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