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The Best of the Best in Galena

The Perfect Alternative to Airbnb in Galena Illinois

If you’re one of the millions of users who logged on and booked a property on Airbnb in recent years, we can hardly blame you. They reported record profits for 2022 and see bookings from millions each year. In some instances and locations, staying at an Airbnb just makes sense. However, there are times when it’s not the best choice, which is the case for Airbnb in Galena, Illinois. 

Why choose to stay at an Airbnb in Galena, Illinois, when you can enjoy the elevated, luxury experience afforded guests at our top-rated Galena Bed and Breakfast? We are, after all, rated not only as one of the best places to stay in Galena, IL, but also by TripAdvisor as the #1 Bed and Breakfast in the country and the #2 Bed and Breakfast in the entire world.

That says a lot for a small, six-room lodging property in the quaint and historic town of Galena! It’s something we take great pride in, too, and something we’d love to share with more guests in the coming years. So, instead of booking that suite on Airbnb in Galena, Illinois, we urge you to look beyond the ordinary and find something extraordinary at our top-rated Galena Bed and Breakfast. Book your room today. You won’t be disappointed! 

One of the many gorgeous guest rooms at our Galena Bed and Breakfast, not only one of the best places to stay in Galena, IL but the best alternative to Airbnb in Galena, Illinois

The Best Alternative to Airbnb in Galena, Illinois

To Airbnb, or not to Airbnb in Galena, Illinois? It can be a tricky question for many, especially loyal users of the popular lodging resource. To answer it, though, depends at least partly on what you’re looking for in your Galena lodging experience. 

If you’re just looking for a convenient place to rest your head for the night, then Airbnb in Galena, Illinois might still be a good choice. However, if you’re looking for a Galena lodging experience that is personalized, elevated, and something out of the ordinary, then a better alternative to Airbnb in Galena, Illinois is our top-rated Galena Bed and Breakfast

If your first thought when you hear the phrase “Galena Bed and Breakfast” is a historic, Victorian Manor filled with your Grandma’s doilies and other aged artifacts, we urge you to think again. Though there’s certainly nothing wrong with those things (and they are even befitting in a historic Victorian home!), what you’ll find at our Galena Bed and Breakfast is a modern, elegant interior housed in a unique and historic space. 

Our Galena Bed and Breakfast is located within easy walking distance of downtown Galena and is housed in the thoughtfully and extensively renovated former County Jail building. Elements like the original wooden beams and vaulted ceilings on the 4th floor, sections of the original concrete floor, the 14-foot curved brick ceiling on the second floor, and 23 of the original 9-foot tall windows stand as stunning reminders of Galena’s historic past.

Would you be able to learn about and embrace this part of Galena’s local history and charm if you were to stay in an Airbnb in Galena, Illinois? Sharing this part of our history is just one of the many personalized aspects of a stay at our Galena Bed and Breakfast, and it’s something we absolutely love sharing with our guests!

In addition to fun local insight you’ll get from Innkeepers, there are other reasons to consider a Galena Bed and Breakfast over Airbnb in Galena, Illinois. Most of the time, you’ll also enjoy lower lodging rates at local Inns. Moreover, Inns like ours are often designed with things like relaxation and romance in mind, which means we have a variety of packages, enhancements, and add-ons that can be added to your stay – something not typically enjoyed at Airbnbs.

One of our many delicious breakfasts served at our Galena Bed and Breakfast, one of the best places to stay in Galena, IL and one of the best alternatives to Airbnb in Galena, Illinois

Embrace Luxury at The Best Galena, IL Bed and Breakfast

History and local charm are great – but that’s just a small factor of why to choose a Galena Bed and Breakfast over Airbnb in Galena, Illinois. There’s so much more to a stay at a Galena lodging property like ours. We offer a high level of personalized service and attention to detail that keeps guests returning. 

If you’re looking for more reasons to skip the Airbnb in Galena, Illinois during your next getaway, we offer more fundamental reasons to choose a Bed and Breakfast over Airbnb in Galena, Illinois, below. 

  1. Breakfast is always included in the price of your stay at our Galena Bed and Breakfast. For most guests, breakfast is their favorite time of day, too! Our breakfasts always feature freshly roasted coffee, a selection of juices, and three delectable courses that will leave you anything but hungry. The best part, of course, is that you don’t have to do any of the work! Just show up in our dining room, and we’ll treat you to a fantastic culinary journey each morning of your stay. 
  2. The food doesn’t stop there, though! We also serve each of our guests an afternoon wine and cheese tray in their room to be enjoyed at their leisure. The tray includes fresh fruit, a selection of Charcuterie from Galena River Wine and Cheese, house-made appetizers, freshly baked cookies, not to mention a bottle of wine (or other beverage) of your choice.  
  3. The amenities at our Galena Bed and Breakfast are as good as, if not better, than other lodging properties like Airbnb in Galena. We offer Aveda bath products in our bathrooms, cozy Frette robes for you to lounge in, complimentary chocolates and champagne upon check-in, high-end linens and towels, customizable Bluetooth sound systems in every suite, and plenty of outdoor common areas to enjoy. 
  4. You are supporting a small business where the money is guaranteed to go right back into the local community. We buy as much as possible for our Galena Bed and Breakfast from local businesses, including our furnishings and decor. We also give back part of our proceeds every year to local charities. This isn’t always the case with Airbnb properties, which can sometimes be owned by outside investors who take their money to other communities. 
  5. We offer loyalty rewards for guests who stay with us more than once. When guests stay with us six times in each of our six suites, they earn a free night stay at our Galena Bed and Breakfast as part of our Repeat Offender Program

Galena really is a wonderful community to live and do business in, and we look forward to so many more years of welcoming guests through our doors. If you’d like to experience the difference our personalized service makes, book your room at our Galena Bed and Breakfast today! 

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