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The Best of the Best in Galena

Walk to the Fantastic Galena Brewing Company!

As we’ve repeated time and time, there’s truly no shortage of great things to do in Galena,  Illinois. That includes fantastic things like shopping in downtown Galena, hiking and biking our area trails, and touring the area’s historic homes and attractions. Add a cold pint of beer at the Galena Brewing Company to your list, and you truly have a recipe for a great getaway! 

It’s sometimes surprising just how many things there are to do in Galena, given how small the town is – until you learn that it’s the state’s second most popular tourist destination, behind only Chicago. You can enjoy the best of it when you stay at our #1-rated Galena Bed and Breakfast, too! We’re arguably the best place to stay in Galena – and it’s not just because we offer an unbeatable location walkable to downtown! 

Our Galena Bed and Breakfast is an easy one-tank getaway from Chicago, Minneapolis, and many of the top destinations in the Midwest. The town is charming, historic, and perfect for a romantic weekend away. And it just so happens to be an excellent spot for craft beer lovers, too! The Galena Brewing Company is a stone’s throw away from our Galena Bed and Breakfast, and there are several more fantastic Illinois breweries nearby worth visiting, too. Enjoy the best of this charming area with us this fall, and book your room at our Galena Bed and Breakfast today! 

A senior couple enjoy beers at the Galena Brewing Company near our galena Bed and Breakfast

Don’t Miss the Galena Brewing Company

Avid beer enthusiasts probably already have Chicago on their list of great places to visit. It’s known as one of the country’s best cities for beer lovers, home to popular Illinois breweries like Revolution Brewing and Lagunitas Brewing Company. However, just a few hours west is another of the best Illinois breweries, the Galena Brewing Company.

Galena may be a small town, but that doesn’t mean the flavors here are small. Anything but, actually! Galena Brewing Company has done a remarkable job bringing craft beer back to Galena. There were several breweries in the area in Galena’s mining heyday, but a great local craft brewery had been missing in town until Galena Brewing Company returned in 2009. 

The Galena Brewing Company of today, much like the Galena Brewing Company that closed its doors in 1938, is a vital business in downtown Galena. We’re so thrilled to have it in down – and it’s even better that it’s only a short 3-minute walk from our Galena Bed and Breakfast! Like many of the top Ilinois breweries, the Galena Brewing Company produces several different styles of highly acclaimed craft beers built on local ingredients and incredible attention to detail. 

Head to Galena Brewing Company’s pub and enjoy 12 beers on top alongside their full menu of delicious pub food. It’s a great place to grab lunch in downtown Galena – or just a fun place to unwind in the afternoon. They often have live music during the summer, too, for added entertainment! 

We also recommend taking a tour of the Galena Brewing Company. They offer them every Friday at 3 pm or by appointment on other days. Their tour is interesting, of course, with plenty of local beer history – but you also get a delicious beer or wine to take with you! 

A flight of craft beer at the Galena Brewing Company and other great Illinois Breweries near our Galena Bed and Breakfast

6 More Great Illinois Breweries to Visit

Between the core beers and the fun seasonal brews produced by the Galena Brewing Company, there’s little need to travel elsewhere for a delicious beer on a warm afternoon. However, if you want to explore more of the top Illinois breweries, there are some great ones nearby! 

There are three fantastic breweries in Dubuque – and though not technically in Illinois, they are so close we’re going to consider them as part of our regional breweries. There are three more Illinois breweries worth visiting in the surrounding countryside around Galena. 

  1. Like the Galena Brewing Company, 7 Hills Brewing Company in Dubuque, Iowa is working hard to restore a long tradition of brewing in the region. Craft beer culture disappeared during prohibition, and alongside other Illinois breweries, they are working hard to revive this vital industry. 
  2. Another great Dubuque brewery is Jubeck New World Brewing. Locally sourced and organic ingredients are the foundation of their beer – and the resulting flavors will do anything but disappoint! 
  3. Finally, don’t miss Dimensional Brewing Company in Dubuque. Their beers are unique but approachable, and their space is vibrant and friendly. It’s the perfect place to sample a pint of local craft beer while enjoying all the rest of beautiful Dubuque. 
  4. Head back across the river and visit another of the most popular Illinois breweries. Pecatonica Beer Company in Warren is a fantastic little gem.
  5. As you travel Highway 20 from Chicago to Galena, you’ll pass two more top Illinois Breweries. One of them, Mud Run Beer Company, is in Stockton. 
  6. Finally, head to Highway 20 Brewing Co. just outside downtown Galena. 

Whether you limit yourself to the Galena Brewing Company or visit more of these fantastic Illinois breweries, there’s no better home base for your adventures than our Galena Bed and Breakfast. Book your room today! 

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