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Coming to life in May

It’s been an exciting month as intense focus has been given to the exterior property at Jail Hill Inn.  On May 5th, work began to tear down and rebuild the stone wall that is along the driveway.  With the help and expertise from Vincent’s Earthmoving in Elizabeth, Illinois, a new taller and more substantial wall was built and completed on May 12.  Over 70 tons of stone were put in place and the wall spans nearly 20 feet in some parts.  This wall not only enhances the property appearance, but also stabilizes the neighboring property and allows for proper water run off .

In addition to the stone wall, the ornate and original fence in front of Jail Hill Inn was completed on May 12.  The fence was originally white and was painted a glossy black to better blend in with the property and showcase the building.  Numerous hours were required to paint, given the detail and angles that were needed to be painted.  I have even had help from some of my neighbors on the project and everyone is excited, to see it complete

Inside, Jail Hill Inn has been undergoing major demolition work to prepare as contractors begin the construction inside very soon.  Existing walls that will no longer be needed or need to move, based on the newly designed plans, are being taken out.  Existing bathroom fixtures that show age and distress have been removed and discarded, to give way for the 7.5 new bathrooms that will be added to the building.  Water and electricity were tuned on in the building recently as the property had incurred frozen and burst pipes from its sitting vacant for 2 years.  The broken pipes were shut down or repaired and everything is in great working order.

I have also been continuing my work with the State of Illinois Historic Preservation Agency with acquiring historic tax credits with Jail Hill Inn.  These credits provide financial relief to property owners who are renovating historic buildings.  There is an extensive application process, site visit and importance given to maintain as many original and historic features as possible.  I look forward to continuing my steps with the agency and showing my exciting vision with this historic and important structure in the city of Galena.  Here is the link that detail the historic tax credits:

Thank you to everyone who has shared in my excitement and has stopped by to see the property or liked us on Facebook, etc.  Your feedback and support are important in this process and I’m so excited to share this journey as it continues.

I hope everyone has a productive and healthy rest of the month and look forward to sharing more updates soon!  Cheers!


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