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Are You Ready for Romantic Getaways in Galena IL?

A couple enjoying one of the most romantic getaways in Galena ILRomantic Getaways in Galena IL are a time-honored and special tradition and one we’re thrilled to be a part of here at our exceedingly romantic Galena Bed and Breakfast.  We don’t often give ourselves enough time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak, or more importantly to slow down, reconnect with those closest to us.  And, we must say, if there’s one lesson this pandemic has taught us, it’s to appreciate those few important humans who we’ve let into our lives and to nurture our connections.

We also know that one of the most important considerations to take into account when it comes to those romantic getaways in Galena IL is where you’re going to stay.  After all, your lodging accommodations are probably going to feature pretty prominently in any quality romantic getaway, where time alone is the time best spent. Our Galena Bed and Breakfast, rated the #1 Bed and Breakfast in the entire country in 2019, will happily help you set the perfect stage for these romantic getaways in Galena IL, too!  Our historic town has been a romantic escape for decades, after all.

Make sure to plan in enough “you” time, and enough “together” time is an important goal for many as we head further into 2021.  Why not take some time to start planning for those special moments right now?  The sweet little town of Galena IL will be right here waiting for you.  Book your romantic getaways at our Galena Bed and Breakfast today!

Where to Stay for Exceptional Romantic Getaways in Galena IL

We all know how special romantic getaways can be. The chance to fan the flames and reignite the passion you and your sweetheart have for each other isn’t something to be taken lightly, either.  Luckily, romance is a staple part of our business here at Jail Hill Inn. It won’t take you long to slip into a romantic mindset, either.  In fact, from the moment you turn the corner and onto Main Street in Downtown Galena, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back in time to a world long forgotten; a world that is simpler, more whimsical, and exceedingly romantic!  Soon, you’ll pull up in front of our 4-story renovated old Jail, lovingly restored into one of the most sought after Bed and Breakfasts in the country, and you’ll know you’re in for a treat.

One of the stunning guest rooms at our Galena Bed and Breakfast, one of the most romantic getaways in Galena IL

Step through the doors, and sink into the luxurious ambiance of Jail Hill Inn – an ambiance that has been carefully curated for you over our last 5 years in business, and one that will remind you just how special time with your loved one truly can be. We’ll help you to your guest room (there are no elevators here!), and from that point onward how you enjoy the time in our spacious 800 square foot guest rooms is up to you.  We imagine one of the first things on your list will be popping open the chilled bottle of champagne that’s waiting for you in your room, and enjoying a bit of bubbly with the delicious assortment of our custom chocolates that’s sitting there beside it.

If you’re aren’t yet convinced that romantic getaways in Galena IL are special, then perhaps we can entice you with our range of amenities inside each suite?  Each bathroom comes equipped with a Kohler bubble massage tubs or steam showers, perfectly designed for two of course. Afterward, step into the cozy comfort of our ridiculously soft jail-themed bathrobes, before sinking into your bed, dressed with none other than Comphy Brand linens, as you adjust the custom Bluetooth sound system to your designed music, dim the lights, and crank up the fireplace. Yes. We were absolutely made for romantic getaways in Galena IL!

You don’t have to leave all of this comfort if you don’t want to, either.  We’d love to entertain you in the socially distanced dining room for breakfast each morning of your stay, but we’re just as happy to bring you a fresh and hot breakfast to your room, at no extra charge.  Breakfast in bed is one indulgence we should all get to enjoy sometimes, right?  In the afternoon, we’ll also bring you a delicious tray filled with wine, charcuterie, and our custom appetizers, along with some freshly baked cookies.  Guests rave about these custom trays, which you’re free to enjoy at your leisure throughout the day (and night!).

We even have a range of dinner options that can be brought right to the Inn, if you so choose!  From our Friday night dinner delivery option from Brazen Open Kitchen to delicious meals being cooked up by local restaurants, you really will want for nothing during your stay at Jail Hill Inn.  And that is what makes us the perfect choice for romantic getaways in Galena IL!

Wintry landscape is the perfect backdrop for romantic getaways in Galena IL

Enjoy Some of These Things to do in Galena IL This Winter!

So, now that we have the “where to stay” for your romantic getaways in Galena IL part of the equation taken care of, let’s talk about what you’re going to do once you’re here.  As we’ve made pretty clear, there’s no need to even leave your guest suite while you’re here.  However, we think getting outside for some fresh air and even going on couple-dates throughout your romantic getaways in Galena IL are just as important. Beyond the four walls of Jail Hill Inn, you’ll find that the town of Galena itself is exceptionally romantic, thanks in part to its historic old-world charm.

Between the beautiful natural surroundings, the incredible wine, great date-night restaurants, and plenty of fun attractions and things to do, there are plenty of things to do in Galena throughout the year to keep you in love and having fun! Here are 10 of our top recommendations to enjoy your romantic getaways in Galena IL:

  1. Spend an afternoon wine tasting at one (or more) of these 4 Galena wineries and vineyards: Galena Cellars Vineyard and Winery, Massbach Ridge Winery, Fergedaboudit Winery, Rocky Waters Vineyard & Winery. There are plenty of other great tastings in Galena, too, including Blaum Bros Distillery, Galena River Wine & Cheese, Jamie’s Wine Studio, Ms. Kitt’y Grape Escape, and Galena Brewing Co.
  2. Enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the best Galena restaurants, which include Fritz and Frites and Fried Green Tomatoes. If you’re up for a short drive, Dubuque is home to some incredible restaurants, including Brazen Open Kitchen and Bar, and a classic supper club experience at Timmerman’s Supper Club.
  3. Browse the shops behind the historic facade of Galena’s Main Street, admiring the 19th-century charm as you go.  There are more than 100 unique shops to explore.
  4. Talk a walk together down Galena River Trail, or head out to one of the incredible parks and nature preserves surrounding Galena, including Horseshoe Mound Preserve, Casper Bluff Land and Water Preserve, and the Valley of Eden Bird Sanctuary. When there’s snow on the ground, these same places are great for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.
  5. If you’re looking for a fun and easy skiing or snowboarding getaway, consider visiting us and spending a day or two on the slopes at Chestnut Mountain Resort. It’s one of the best ski destinations in the Midwest, and it has 19 total ski runs and a 7-acre terrain park suitable for a variety of experience levels.
  6. Head to the Nordic Center at Eagle Ridge Resort and enjoy an authentic outdoor ice skating experience on their 1.5-mile long pond. You can even try your hand at skijoring–a cross between cross-country skiing and dog-sledding!
  7. Watch eagles soar and dive for food during their annual migration along the Mississippi River at Casper Bluff Preserve and nearby Mississippi Palisades State Park. Peak times to see them are mid-January through February.
  8. Enjoy the scenic trails with one of the most classic winter activities of them all; a horse-drawn sleigh ride.  The Shenandoah Riding Center offers hour-long trips through the scenic winter wonderland of Galena.

We started out by saying romantic getaways in Galena IL are something special, and we meant it.  But why take our word for it?  Book your romantic escape to the #1 rated BEST Galena Bed and Breakfast today!

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