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10 Socially Distanced Things to do in Galena This Summer

10 Socially Distanced Things to do in GalenaWe know many of you are longing to get out of your house and put this global pandemic behind you, but you’re also probably unsure of just what your future travels are going to look like.  We don’t have all of the answers, but we do have some ideas for things to do in Galena this summer that help us maintain social distancing as it’s needed.  Tourism is one of the most important parts of Galena’s economy, and we’re anxious to open our doors and welcome guests back to Jail Hill Inn.  It’s the same for all of the restaurants, shops, and small businesses that make up the fabric of everyday life here in Galena.

More than anything else, we’ve missed being your special place; a place where you can get away and relax.  We think short getaways are important to our collective mental health and wellbeing.  That’s why we’re working hard on our end to ensure you have a clean and safe place to visit, and why we’re coming up with ideas for socially distant things to do in Galena that our guests can count on!

After these many weeks of social isolation, don’t you think it would be nice to plan in some “you” time and to have something to look forward to this summer and fall?  There’s no doubt that our Galena Bed and Breakfast, still rated the #1 Bed and Breakfast in the country (and #2 in the world) is the best place for some R&R. As we look forward to the months ahead, give yourself something to look forward to.  Book a room at our Galena Bed and Breakfast today.

10 Things to do in Galena This Summer or Fall

Jail Hill Inn, Galena’s premier Bed and Breakfast, is situated just a block off Galena’s Main Street, and within easy walking distance to all of the best restaurants, shops, and walkable attractions in Galena. This town is one of the most popular getaway destinations in the midwest. It’s easy to get to — only 1 gas tank away from large cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, Des Moines, & Minneapolis — and there’s a great variety of things to do in Galena.

Stores in Galena will also be offering a unique twist to their normally spectacular service.  For at least the short term and until it’s deemed safe otherwise, many stores in downtown Galena will be offering what amounts to curbside service. Shopping inside is still going to be limited for a while, but if you have a favorite popcorn, candle, wine, chocolate, artwork, or something else in mind, you can order it at our local stores and then pick it up.  It’s not quite the same experience, but it’s a great way to support local businesses while still picking up your favorite items.

10 Socially Distanced Things to do in Galena

In the face of all this uncertainly, we think it’s best to focus our attention outdoors, and on activities, we can all do at a safe distance.  Here are 10 of our favorite things to do in Galena with social distancing in mind:

  1. There are a number of great hiking trails and nature preserves in the Galena area. A few of our favorites include Casper Bluff Land & Water Reserve, the Galena River Trail, and Buehler Preserve.
  2. Paddling on the Galena River is one of the most relaxing and beautiful ways to spend an afternoon in Galena.
  3. Visit the incredible grounds at Horshoe Mound Preserve, which offers scenic outlooks that look out across three different states. It’s one of the most beautiful properties in the Galena area
  4. Enjoy a quiet day of birdwatching at the Valley of Eden Bird Sanctuary. This 400+-acre property is one of the newest pieces of land acquired by the Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation, an organization that we support here at Jail Hill Inn.  There have been more than 100 bird species seen in this area, with the prime viewing season being April – August.
  5. Go biking along the Galena River Trail or any of the scenic country roads in the Galena area.
  6. Enjoy a day of boating and/or fishing on the many lakes, rivers, and creeks around Galena.
  7. Take a scenic drive along the portion of the Great River Road between Dubuque and Galena.  It won’t take you long to see why people fall in love with this incredibly beautiful part of Illinois.
  8. Visit some of the beautiful state parks in the Galena area, including Apple River Canyon State Park and Mississippi Palisades State Park.
  9. Take a trip out to Thunder Bay Falls, considered to be one of the most majestic waterfalls in the state of Illinois.
  10. Relax on the quiet deck behind Jail Hill Inn, where you can dive into the last top-selling novel, sip wine, or otherwise unwind and enjoy some true R&R. We’re a small property with only 6 guest rooms, which means you won’t be surrounded by large crowds like you would at other larger properties or hotel chains.

10 Socially Distanced Things to do in Galena

Book our Galena Bed and Breakfast With Confidence

Our Galena Bed and Breakfast makes for a relaxing getaway any time of year, but we think it might just be the perfect antidote to all that ails you this summer and fall.  Just as you can’t wait to get out of your house again, we can’t wait to welcome you into ours. A change of scenery is bound to be nice.  Let us take care of all the small details and pamper you to your heart’s content. It’s what we do here at our Galena Bed and Breakfast!  Book a room at the Jail Hill Inn today!

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